Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day Thirty

If you squint, you can tell it's me

Today is officially day 30.  Yay!  I feel great.  In 30 days, I was able to rack up 32 classes.  Last week seemed to be tough going, but once I broke through, I felt a new surge of energy.

This morning, we had Nicole's 9AM class.  She's always full of fun stories about her hometown in New Orleans.  "Maybe we can have a yoga retreat in N'Awlins.  We'll do yoga in the morning, then eat fried foods and drink at night." she said.  "I'll come to it." piped in Doreen.  Trish took my photograph (above) one minute before class started.  We were in a hurry, so it came out blurry.  I promise you, I'm not in the witness protection program - it really is me.  

Surfer Boy and I have a special treat planned for tonight.  We do things in a big way around here.  We love to savor our accomplishments. 

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