Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day Two

My favorite training partner called me last night.  "Let's meet for a trail hike tomorrow morning."

I can never say no to my favorite training partner, plus it turned out to be a stellar California morning, so off we went for a two hour hike.

That meant that today's workout was a double, with Bikram Yoga at 4:30.  It turned out to be a cold day - winter at the beach might look like a good idea - but working out in a 105 degree room is a better idea.

I got there a little early to start enjoying the heat and set up on the opposite side of the room than I usually do.  There seem to be some new faces, probably due to the New Year and tonight was no exception.  This hunky guy who I've never seen before walks in and sets up right next to my usual spot.    Darn!  Why did I choose to set up on the other side of the room?  He looked to be a very in shape surfer with the tan lines in all the right places.  I'm not sure if he's a pro surfer but he could be - or at least model surf underwear.  He had the typical perfect surfers body which I'm very familiar with because I live with one.

My Surfer Boy Husband
Keep doing yoga and you too can have a body like this.

With all this working out, I think I'll sleep good tonight.  With all these good looking surfer boys dancing around in my head, I think I'll dream good tonight.

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