Friday, January 11, 2013

Day Ten

Jason Winn

I went hiking with my favorite training partner Rico and Surfer Boy this morning.  I should know better than to listen to anything that Rico says.  What was supposed to be an hour and a half hike turned into two and a half hours.  It was a spectacular morning.

Rico with his home made trail belt - knife, whistle, ice pick, pepper spray and bell for scaring off Mountain Lions.

Then I went to Meagan's 4:30 yoga class.  One of the students was telling me that she almost didn't make it to class.  She's had a pounding headache for the past couple of days on account of the fact that she gave up caffeine.  She was lying of her sofa, hunkering down for a night of feeling sorry for herself when she heard Jason Winn's voice telling her "Get up!  You always feel better after yoga class."

Jason - may he rest in peace - was the original owner of Bikram Yoga Laguna Beach.  If you ever make it to our studio, you will still see his signature everywhere - mats half way across the blue line - white towels on yoga mats - water bottles neatly lined to the left of your mat.  He was fastidious, demanding, encouraging, funny and loving.  Everyone's practice improved with Jason.  I'm happy to see that he's still communicating with his students today.  He is greatly missed, but never forgotten.

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