Friday, January 4, 2013

Day Three

The less clothes the better.  And apparently, according to what I've seen in the locker room of the yoga studio, the less hair the better.

I would like to know who the first brave soul was that decided it would be a good idea to take scalding hot wax, apply it to the most sensitive area of their body, then apply thin muslin paper and proceed to rip the hair out by the roots.  Ouch!

What's this got to do with Bikram yoga?  Nothing other than the sad fact that I've succumbed to peer pressure and opted to be properly coiffed thus fitting in with all the other women in the yoga studio here in the good ole' O.C.

So today I made my way to my favorite Vietnamese nail salon where one of the many services they provide is what is euphemistically referred to as a bikini wax which is just a nice way of saying TORTURE.

"You go room numba two." advised the smiling Vietnamese man at the front desk.

Once I was in a proper state of undress, the cute little therapist and I had a discussion about what was to occur.  I could feel my armpits get itchy in anticipation.  "Have you ever had anyone ask you to dye it?'

She just looked at me and giggled.  One of the things I love about this salon is that they're always laughing.  At everything.  I'm convinced they're laughing at me, but I'm good with that.

Hot wax applied.  Rip.  Hotter wax applied.  Rip.

I walked into the locker room of the 4:30 yoga class with my head held high.  Just another OC Housewife getting her yoga on.

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