Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day Twenty Two

The pain of a ninety minute yoga class in a 105 degree room only lasts ninety minutes.  The pain of quitting lasts forever.  Not that I would ever consider quitting, but you all know that I have felt like playing hookey on several occasions.

Marna's class tonight was peppered with plenty of new faces.  The good thing about being a regular in the studio is that you know where to stand and more importantly, where not to stand.  A couple of the newbies set up right in front of the room which is fine if your balancing postures are perfect.  One of the new students unknowingly set her mat up in the hottest spot of the room - yes there is one spot that is hotter than the rest of the room and we all know where it is.

I didn't think that the room was especially uncomfortable tonight but a couple of the new people walked out and one of the regulars walked out as well.  There was a cute little kid of about age seven I'm guessing - a rarity in the studio.  Kids can't sit still very well.  He was in and out and at one point I saw him in the lobby doing the postures where it's nice and cool.  It was all very cute.

Another successful class.

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