Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day Nine

Our clothes washer finally broke down.

One thing that you do a lot of in a Bikram Yoga class is sweat.  One thing that you do a lot of when you take class every day - sometimes twice a day - is wear out your washer and dryer.

Today I went to Nicole's 9AM class.  I searched through my workout clothes drawer and found a pair of hot pink yoga shorts shoved in the back that I had almost forgotten about.  They were given to me by a visiting Bikram Yoga teacher who made friends with me when she saw me in class with my walker after a major knee surgery.  She's a cute young thing - petite, fair skinned, short dark hair framing a pixie face.  One morning she woke up and couldn't move.  She was subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the treatments started - mostly drugs and a dire diagnosis that went something like 'prepare yourself for a life of hell'.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and ended up at Bikram Yoga.  She started out by standing in the back of class with her walker.  She has since become a certified Bikram Yoga instructor and also has a small business making the cutest yoga clothing.

We had a large class this morning.  Nicole has been reading Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life, a self-help book that offers all kinds of affirmations for living a better, happier life.  "If you can't stop your mind from racing during savasana, you might want to ask yourself why?  What are you fearful of?" said Nicole quite uncharacteristically before she caught herself.  "Jeez, I sound like a yoga teacher who's been up all friggin' night reading a self help book."

Speaking of sweat - why does my sweat smell so much like ammonia?  I like to think it's because I'm sweating out all kinds of toxins?

The clothes washer repair person gets to our house next Tuesday, so if you're wondering why I'm taking my yoga clothes into the locker room shower with me, now you know my dirty little secret.

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