Friday, January 25, 2013

Day Twenty Four

This morning was Amy's 9 o'clock class.  It was raining.  You would think that the rain would make a hot yoga studio cozy and inviting.  It does.  It also makes it humid.  But that's what we're there for.  To sweat.

Today was one of the students birthday.  The custom is: if you come to class on your birthday, you get to pick one posture which the class then gets to perform three sets of.  I thought this students choice was particularly brilliant.  She chose the final breathing exercise.

The girls locker room after class was like Grand Central Station.  Trish was directing traffic in her best megaphone voice, handing towels to everyone, changing the soiled bathroom rugs for clean and making everyone laugh.

A word about the differences between the women and men's locker room:  The girls is all abuzz with conversation of the latest diets, detoxification programs, elective surgeries, non elective surgeries, boyfriends, husbands, children, restaurants, fashion, vacations, book reviews, the 30 day challenge, how the 30 day challenge is going this year, how it went last year, what we'll be doing next year.  There are lots of "oh my god's" and "that outfit looks totally cute on yous".

Then you walk by the men's locker room: Dead silence.

That is - as they say - what makes the world go 'round.

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