Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day Twelve

Some don't like it hot.

This mornings surf session was greeted with a water temperature of 50 degrees.  I never thought I'd hear it but Surfer Boy actually uttered these words: "It's almost getting too cold to surf."

One we were home from the beach, all cuddled up on the sofa watching a three hour long movie, it was almost time to go to Marna's 4:30 yoga class.  We both had to encourage each other to get our butts off the sofa.  We'd already invested two hours into the movie and wanted to see how it turned out.

The good news is that Bikram Yoga is nowhere near 50 degrees - more like 105 degrees.

The 30 day challengers are almost halfway through, some like Dave who already has sixteen classes under his belt.  There was a visiting teacher in class tonight who is doing a 365 day challenge - but she decided to do it in six months!  I kept eyeing her in class once I found this out.   Plus she had the most beautiful tattooed back.  It's graced with all kinds of cool ivy and calligraphic writing.  I think that the guy next to her thought I was looking at him all through class.

Another one in the bag folks.  

I love happy endings.  After dinner we finished the movie.  Meet Joe Black - had a happy ending.  Check it out if you haven't seen it.  And if you have, it never hurts to look at Brad Pitt again for three hours.

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