Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day Fifteen

Surfer Boy and Me

Went to Emily's 9:30 class this morning.  She is a sweetheart of a teacher - soft spoken, loving, kind, and she comes around and rubs your feet.

She was encouraging all of the 30 day challengers and the non 30 day challengers.  "If you're not doing the challenge, you can make your own.  How about coming to 6AM sunrise class, then 4:30 sunset class?  Or, how about keeping your yoga clothes in your car and coming to an impromptu class that you usually don't go to?" she suggested.

Dave, who is powering his way through the challenge was in class.  When class was over, I said "See you at 4:30"

"Okay, see you then." he said.

I had no intention of going to 4:30 class because I want to stretch this thing out and get my moneys worth.  Plus - what else would I have to write to all you guys if I finished early?

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