Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day Fourteen

The conversations about food and drink are starting in earnest.

Before Jennifer's 4:30 class today, Dave - who is way in the lead with twenty one classes in fourteen days - was chattin' it up with me about one of our favorite topics.  Food.

Dave has already dropped over ten pounds during the 30 day challenge.

"Are you doing anything different with your diet?" asked I.

"Portion control and no beer." he said.

"I've got my eye on the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory downtown for after the challenge."  I said.

I haven't been in that chocolate shop for twenty years, haven't even payed it any mind and suddenly, there it is, gleaming like a beacon in the night, calling me.

So it's settled.  Once the 30 day challenge is over, we're going first to the Chocolate Factory, then around the corner to the Marine Room for beer.  Then, back to Bikram Yoga.  Don't want to lose touch with what our real addictions are.

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