Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day Seven

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

My car is starting to smell like the yoga studio.  That would be an aroma of dirty sweat socks.  Or good honest sweat if you prefer.  My car is littered with empty containers of coconut water.  Is it really only day seven?  I did two doubles in a row - Sunday and Monday.  I felt it.  What happens is you can get an excess of adrenaline going if you work out too much.  It makes sleeping an interesting adventure.  I think I heard every leaf that rustled in the night last night.

What doesn't kill me will make me stronger.  Whose bright phrase was that anyway?

Tonight, as I was sitting in the lobby after class, all sweaty and swigging my ice cold kombucha, I heard "Jennifer, is that you?"

I saw this tall, lean, good looking guy who I honestly did not recognize.  The reason that I didn't recognize him is because I only recognize him on Facebook.  It was a good friend who went to high school with my daughters.  He was getting ready to partake in his first ever Bikram Yoga class.

When I start to only recognize people when I see them on Facebook, that means it's time to get a life.  Or a good nights sleep.  Now where's my feather comforter?

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