Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day Five

Locust Pose
I woke up this morning to the sound of rain.  Kerry's surf contest final was today.  Surfer Boy had been up all excited since four thirty.  By the time I staggered out of the bedroom, he'd already had copious amounts of caffeine.  To say that we were on different wavelengths would be putting it mildly.  My Dad was one of those early morning people that we love to hate - always whistling and singing - making you feel like you'd better buy stock in Folgers coffee and fast if you want to keep up.

Have I told you that I love this man?  He shoved me out the door and said "Go to yoga.  It's gonna be rainy and cold down at the beach."

So it was off to Christian's eight AM class.  Christian is back!  He's one of my favorite yoga teachers who broke all the yogi's hearts by moving to Los Angeles for the last year or so.

When Christian walks into the studio with his headset on and says "Everyone stand up, toes and heels touch and start with a breathing exercise." you just want to do better for him.  He embodies what I would want to look like if I were a male yogi.  Tall, lean, six pack abs, a brief black pair of shorts that only he can make look good, and a back filled with tattoos that make me feel like there's a safari going on in Laguna Beach.  If the authorities were to ask me what identifying marks Christian has, the first thing I would say is "A giraffe tattoo."  His dry wit keeps me coming back for more.

Bikram has an intellectual property patent on the dialogue used to lead the class.  You will hear the same dialogue whether you're in Laguna Beach or Brooklyn.  Sounds like why not just put on a recording, right?  Not so.  The teachers have a way of making it their own.  Christians voice gets loud and encouraging, then soft and relaxing in all the right places.

After class, Kerry came home from the cold, windy beach announcing that he wanted to go to yoga class - he didn't think he won the finals so what better way to celebrate?  Chris's 4:30 class.

The 4:30 class was packed.  January always has the largest New Years Resolution crowd.  New students were dropping like flies in the heat.  I sincerely hope they come back.  Yoga can change your life.

Speaking of New Years Goals, I'm not doing too great on my '15 minutes a day of closet cleaning'.  I made it three days.  Every day in a 105 degree yoga class is a piece of cake compared to cleaning closets.

Oh well, tomorrow is Monday, another chance for a fresh start.

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