Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day Four

Balancing Stick Posture

The competition is starting to heat up and I didn't even know it was a competition.  The participants in the 30 day challenge get a gold star for each class completed which gets affixed to a chart detailing the 30 day progress.  Some of the seasoned yogis in the studio are getting ahead of the game by doing two or three classes in one day.  Some of the saavy participants are crowding two stars into the tiny little block meant to house one gold star.  Boy, I've got a lot to learn about sandbagging.

Eight AM class today, since it was Saturday, was crowded with lots of new faces - all the New Year Resolution specialists.  The nice young lady that set up next to me had to be all of twenty five with a body that looks like it's been well fed on tofu, rice cakes and wheatgrass.  Not an extra ounce of body fat to be found.  She seemed new to the workout so that's why I'll excuse her bringing her iPhone in the black case with the pink polka dots and keeping it directly next to her mat the whole time.  Really?  You can't be away from your phone for even ninety minutes?  Mercifully, the ringer must have been off because I didn't hear a ping, bleep or custom ring tone out of it the whole time.

I spent the rest of the day having lunch with my daughter and Victor Jose at Native Foods.  If they have one in your area, you must sample the delicacies at Native Foods.  This gourmet vegan restaurant is good enough to convince even the most die hard meat eaters to consider a vegan lifestyle.  We even had desert!

Victor Jose

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