Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day Nineteen

4:30 class was taught by Christian.  Congratulations to Christian for coming in first place yesterday in the Southern California men's division of the Bikram Yoga Competition.

Yes, Bikram Yoga has a competition.  But I think you knew that by the 30 day challenge.  When I first heard about yoga competitions,  I thought it was a bit odd.  Isn't yoga supposed to be one of those practices where you sit in a cave contemplating your navel with no one around judging you?

The competition involved Christian putting together a routine of eight postures.  He lead us in the 4:30 class today and it was an especially happy class.

I like competition.  It makes you stronger.  It stretches you to make your practice the best it's ever been. It puts you in a good mood when you win.

 I think I'll be content with the 30 day challenge.  For now.

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