Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Sixteen

Keep Breathing

Half way there!  This morning was Christian's 9:00 class.  Always good energy with Christian.

Some Christian quotes of the day:

"This class is really about you breathing.  The postures are just part of that."

"Improvement comes in one sixteenth of a millimeter increments sometimes.  That's the great part about yoga.  It's a lifetime practice of improvement."

And then, my favorite quote of the day.  One of the new students, who is not familiar with the no in and out of the room policy, left in the middle of the class to use the restroom.

"What I've found, is that if I don't go to the restroom, the nice part is that the urine just comes out of my pores instead.  Nothing scientific about this.  Just something I made up.  Or, you could just use the restroom before class."

Always an entertaining class with Christian!

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